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What makes an MVP?

So who is allowed to win the MVP award for Major League Baseball? According to some people… we will call them “Wrong”, believe that the award is only allowed to go to players who play every day and not to pitchers who only perform their duties every 4 to 5 days. 



is one of my favorite rappers and also the best adjective I can use to describe this opinion. The most common argument is “But they have their own award!” Let me stop you there… if a secretary can win a $50 gift card during my Teacher Appreciation Week then by God Clayton Kershaw can win the MVP award this season. 

Let me point out that offensive players have awards as well. The Hank Aaron award goes to the “best offensive performer in both the American and National League.” (

So players that field and bat have the opportunity to win multiple awards… why can’t pitchers? “Well pitchers only pitch every 4 or 5 days while the guys in the field have to perform every day.” Let me give you my grievance with this nonsensical argument: 

A) You want the award to be based on offense. Because I guarantee you most people can’t reference Miguel Cabrera’s “excellent” defensive play all season. Only two professions I know of can you be successful 30% of the time and possibly keep your job/be elected into the hall of game (Weatherman, Baseball player). So a batter who jacks a few yahtzees and hits .300+ should be eligible for MVP but somebody like Clayton Kershaw who has won 16 of the 22 games he’s started (that’s an 84% success rate for you arithmetic illiterates) can’t win the award? Stop it. 

B) A starting pitcher pitches 80-100 pitches a game. A fielder/batter is involved in an average of 4 at bats a game and probably 3-5 defensive plays a game. (No being a first baseman who holds his glove up and squeezes doesn’t count). Lets say I’m off by 10 defensive plays… that still isn’t 100. So in 4 games a fielder may be involved in 56 plays. That’s a little more than half of a starting pitcher’s pitches/plays. So don’t tell me that a starting pitcher isn’t involved in the outcome enough to win the MVP. 

MVP stands for Most Valuable Player… it isn’t specified to offense or defense. Clayton Kershaw deserves MVP and the CY Young award this year. If you don’t agree… don’t worry there are probably another 7000 regular season games for you to change your mind anyways. 

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