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Football is Too Long

By Latics

By Latics

I realize I will probably be in the minority with this opinion but as I sit here and watch the end of a game that kicked off 3 hours and 22 minutes ago, I can’t take it anymore…. this sport takes too long.

I love football I really do, I watch every Saturday and Sunday and usually pick up some of the games on Monday and Thursday. An NFL or college football game has 15 minute quarters which equates to an hour of game time yet takes an average of two hours to complete! It is insane how often the clock stops in this game. Soccer games are 90 minutes in game time and between a 15 minute halftime usually take around two hours to complete. There is no reason a sport with a clock that is 30 minutes shorter in game length should take an extra 60-80 minutes on average to complete.

You don’t have to reduce the amount of football on television (nor do I think you ever will). Just reduce how frequently the game clock stops. Stop having so many commercial time outs and only let the clock stop inside maybe the last 5 minutes of each quarter. Might reduce the amount of hits given or received and maybe even reduce injuries.

Again I realize this will fall on deaf (or no) ears but please, please, reduce the length of these games.

Week 4 NFL Picks

"Kirk Cousins 2014" by Keith Allison

“Kirk Cousins 2014” by Keith Allison

Ok much better week 3. 4-2 again to make it 8-10 overall. Lets see if we can get this back over .500:

Thursday Night Game: New York @ Washington (Washington -3.5). In a conference game I could care less about.

Miami @ Oakland (Raiders +4.5): East Coast traveling to the West Coast.. maybe some jet lag.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis (Colts -7.5): Still feel “Luck”y

Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh (Steelers -7.5): I feel like this is where I’m going to get punished in believing in the Steelers but the Buccaneers are really bad.

Atlanta @ Minnesota (Falcons -3.5): Hopefully Matt Ryan can take their home performance against the Bucs on the road this week.

New Orleans @ Dallas ( Saints -3.5): Both defenses are bad and I’ll take Drew Brees over Tony Romo.

Liverpool Must Be Better

By Eddie Janssens from Brussels, Belgium

By Eddie Janssens from Brussels, Belgium

I’m not panicking… yet. That being said Liverpool must start turning around this slow start so they are not chasing valuable points at the end of the season. Here are my thoughts on issues/fixes that need to occur and quickly:

A) Back line and Mignolet must play better. Mignolet is constantly out of position in the net and that is allowing opposing teams the ability to get goals they should not be scoring. I’m losing faith in Lovren fast. He constantly is caught too high when his other center back (Skrtel or Sahko) steps to pressure the ball. He was too expensive to suck this much.

B) Injuries are upsetting the flow of the team. Lallana not being able to start the season has delayed his return to first team form. Sturridge who was supposed to carry the scoring load in replace of Suarez has missed a couple of games and his return is still in limbo. Joe Allen being out in the midfield is also hurting their depth since Coutinho is out of form.

C) The focus must still be on the EPL season. Remaining in the top four and obtaining the pay check from Champions League play should still be the most important goal for the season. We can’t afford to rest players like Sterling against teams like Aston Villa. These teams are content to sit in and counter and with Sturridge out and Sterling on the bench the rest of the squad lack the pace and creativity to get behind teams.

Last year’s EPL champions Man City only had 9 points in 6 results. Getting the win against Everton at home next weekend would put Liverpool at 9 points in 6 fixtures. It is a long season and there is still plenty of time for Liverpool to turn around this horrid start. However, with multiple competitions in the next two months between regular season games, league cups, and Champions League, staying healthy and returning to form is extremely important if they want to maintain the new standard that fans expect.

Week 3 NFL Picks

"Blitz Seattle Seahawks Mascot" by Philip Robertson from New York, NY, USA

“Blitz Seattle Seahawks Mascot” by Philip Robertson from New York, NY, USA

Holy 0-6 week. I’m like Hank Goldberg from ESPN… terrible picks but still going. On to Week 3

Thursday night game. Tampa Bay @ Atlanta- Matt Ryan I believe in you at home (Falcons -6.5)

Kansas City @ Miami: (Dolphins -4.5): Please keep throwing picks Alex Smith

Pittsburgh @ Carolina: (Panthers -3.5): This line is concerning that it is so low but I don’t believe in the Steelers after last week.

Tennessee @ Cincinatti: (Bengals -7.5): Big spreads scare me but Bengals D is legit.

Denver @ Seattle: (Seahawks -4.5): Super Bowl Rematch but I still think Seattle at home for less than 6 is a gift.

Upset of the week: Oakland @ New England: I’ll take the Raiders to cover at +14.5

For the love of everything holy I can’t go 0fer again!

Reasons The NFL Is Not Fun Anymore

"Roger Goodell Afghanistan (crop)" by derivative work: Kelly

“Roger Goodell Afghanistan (crop)” by derivative work: Kelly

Watching, talking about, or listening to the NFL is not fun anymore. I never thought I would say this about a sport but I am legitimately worn out with the National Football League after the past 4 weeks. Here are my reasons why:

A) The League has a black eye that won’t heal. Adrian Peterson beat his kid, Rice KO’d his wife, two players are currently still playing who have been arrested for domestic assault charges. Before that it was Donte Stallworth being charged with DUI Manslaughter. That’s right, a guy in the NFL killed somebody and you want to be pissed because a kid got spanked too hard. Be angry but try not to have short term memory anymore about who the NFL lets into their league. (He was suspended a year and then reinstated…. only served 30 days in jail so I’m not sure why the public is surprised that Ray Rice isn’t in jail.) There will always be idiots in the league doing dumb stuff and the media will focus on it.

B) The NFL is talked about too much. Once the season has ended we get to spend 4 months hearing about the NFL draft. It is a league where there are only 16 games and I have to hear about it for 10 months out of the year.

C) The Super Bowl champion doesn’t feel like the best team. I hate the way the NFL playoffs work. You play 16 regular season games including your division opponents twice. So you realistically play 13 different teams out of 32. Then you could possibly see those same opponents in the playoffs until you reach the Super Bowl. So realistically you could become champion of a league where you play less than 45% of the opponents. (Yes college football is worse, shut up I don’t care about that right now.)

D) This one is where I’m throwing logic out the window a bit but bear with me. The hypocrisy of the rules baffles me. I saw a Ravens defensive player flagged for a personal foul, roughing the passer penalty for tackling Ben Roethlisberger. He was flagged supposedly for lowering the crown of his helmet into his chest as he successfully wrapped him up and brought him to the ground. In the same game a player was launched off of his feet as he was blindsided on a kick off return while he pursued the returner and there was no flag because as the rules are written, no foul was committed. This is asinine. Either let the sport be violent or get flags. Grabbing a guy’s jersey is a penalty, flipping a runner who has jumped and spearing him out of the air is not.

I’m a 49ers fan and I’ve had a lot to cheer about in my team’s success. But I’m finding now that on my long commute to work I am actually dreading how much garbage I’m going to have to listen to on any Sports Radio broadcast regarding moronic players, bad officiating, a stupid commissioner who seems to have no checks on his power, and mediocre teams being mediocre. The only thing I’m enjoying so far in this season is that I started 1-0 in my fantasy leagues but I’m currently being mollywhopped in both leagues this week. Dear NFL… please stop sucking. Hugs and Kisses. Loope.

Week 2 NFL Picks

By SteelCityHobbies

By SteelCityHobbies

4-2 to start the season. Surprises and disappointments from Week 1, lets see who can rebound who might continue the slide:

Thursday Night Game: Pittsburgh @ Baltimore: Steelers come into Baltimore and just make things worse for Ravens Nation (Steelers -2.5)

New Orleans @ Cleveland: I like the Saints to rebound from their loss in Atlanta. More offense and better defense (Saints -6.5)

Indianapolis @ Philadelphia: I don’t believe in Nick Foles, and I’m going to ride Andrew Luck for another week. (Colts -3)

Tampa Bay @ St. Louis: St. Louis is going to struggle this year. I don’t love this pick with St. Louis being at home but taking a chance (Bucs -5.5)

Upset of the Week: Arizona @ New York: The Giants are not good, but West Coast team having the 1:00 kickoff on the East Coast on short preparation… I’ll take the G-Men (Giants +3.5)

Tennassee @ Dallas: Two Words: Tony Romo (Titans -3.5)

Ray Rice and Floyd Mayweather BFF’s


Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Mr. “Beats by Ray” Rice are BFF’s. Big F%$!ing Fools. Don’t worry Ray… you are going through what could end up being the worst time of your life. Your public image is tarnished and ruined, your reputation stained, and your employment status questionable at best. If only somebody would stand up for you and maybe say that its all going to be alright. 

Whats that?? Can it be? Your knight in shining, bruised knuckled armor is here! Coming to the rescue and defending the now “Floyd Mayweather of elevator dewomanizing” is Mr. Floyd Mayweather himself. Mayweather who is 37-0 in the ring, and 0-1 in the courtroom over a domestic violence case. If you don’t know Mayweather spent two months in a Las Vegas Jail for pleading guilty (still claiming innocence) for domestic violence. He could have faced 34 years for the felony counts. 

Mayweather stated that Rice’s two game ban by the NFL shouldn’t have been changed because of the video. “I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also,” Mayweather said. “It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.”

The fallacies involved in the statements above that try to justify his argument make my head hurt I honest to god feel like I was just punched in the head (charges will be pending for stupidity Mayweather). A) We aren’t talking about other peoples’ households we are talking about Mr. Rice. and B) This was caught on video. 

The NFL should have done a better job with their initial investigation, although you’ll never convince me they didn’t see the tape. How they have handled this situation is poor but the consequences are not. Rice should be gone and never heard from again for his actions. I just hope that the sport fans’ short term memory lasts a little longer with him than Mayweather seeing as how he is now fighting on pay-per-view, set to make millions. 

So Ray… don’t worry. Your BFF Floyd is with you. The fact that your left hook is both your best and worst attribute as a human make me sick. 

Ribery Can’t Retire from France?


Back in August, Frank Ribéry retired from international duty with the French national team. Ribéry, 31, missed this past World Cup due to a thigh injury and cited that he felt it was time for younger players to be given more prominent roles with the national team. Perhaps a little young but a player should be able to step down whenever he feels it is his time to walk away right? 

Wrong. UEFA President Michael Platini has publicly stated that if Ribéry refuses an international call up for his national team he will be suspended 3 games from his club team Bayern Munich. This is the most insane thing ever! Yes FIFA has statutes that require a player to play for the national team should he be called however most nations tend to respect retirement requests. Platini has stated this statute and also the fact that the EURO 2016 competition is in France so Ribéry should want to play. It should be noted that Platini is also French so there is clearly some behind the scenes motivation for Platini pushing this issue with Ribéry. 

So should Kevin Durant be suspended for 3 games for not playing for Team USA? Should Lebron? Forcing a player to play when he has officially retired from international duty is ridiculous. What happens when Ribéry is hurt in that international duty and is forced to miss weeks or months of club duty for Bayern? Expect quite the fatty law suit on your hands Mr. Platini. 

Ray Rice and NFL Won’t Win

By Keith Allison

By Keith Allison

UPDATE: I posted this about 15 minutes before news broke about Rice being suspended from the team. I agree that I think the more severe punishment is what Ray Rice deserved all along. However I think another pressing issue is how much did Goodell know or see before the original 2 game suspension. Media coverage and majority opinion seems to believe he had access to all of the evidence before the original suspension. If this comes out as true you will have many people calling for Goodell’s head to be right next to Rice’s.

This story just went from bad to worse… a lot worse. 

Video footage of Ray Rice going Mike Tyson on his fiancee, Janay Palmer,  in an elevator was finally released for the public to see. It’s bad. Rice doesn’t get hit by linebackers as hard as he punched Palmer in that elevator and now everybody gets to see it. 

Rice was of course suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell for 2 games which was widely criticized as too soft of a punishment. That punishment will almost certainly come under fire again as now the general public gets to witness the deplorable actions of Rice punching Palmer and dragging her from the elevator. 

The problem for the NFL is that there is no way for this to end well. On one hand if it is found out that they had access to this footage before everyone else and still made the decision to suspend Rice for two games then Goodell will face hell fire and brimstone from just about everybody in the world. His immediate policy change to 6 games will be forgotten and the only thing that people will care about is that the NFL knew it was this bad and still acted the way they did. 

On the other hand can the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens now come back and punish Ray Rice more than they already did? My only issue with that is this: You knew it was that bad, everyone knew it was that bad. Palmer didn’t get on the elevator unconscious so while it was left to the imagination it is naive of anybody to think that what happened was possibly not too awful. My issue isn’t that his punishment isn’t deserved (whatever it turns out to finally be), it is that you waited and now are reacting instead of dealing with what you knew was an issue all along. To me it is kind of like punishing somebody for committing a crime, changing the punishment for the crime, and then wanting to go back and change the guilty party’s sentence. 

If a team wants to remove itself from associating itself with an employee based on that employee’s actions then there is probably a lot of legal mumbo jumbo that goes into that, none of which I know. I certainly wouldn’t fault the Ravens for parting ways with Rice and think it would be PR suicide for anybody to pick him up.  

In the end it won’t matter. The old policy that may or may not have forced Goodell’s immediate consequence is gone with a new one in place. This is just a black eye for everybody involved that will take a while to recover. (No pun intended)

49ers Ray McDonald Playing a Poor Decision?

NaVorro Bowman, Ray McDonald

So I’m torn on the issue of Ray McDonald playing today. For those who don’t know (which I’m not who that is at this point), McDonald was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence a few days ago. He has not been found guilty, claims he is innocent, yada yada yada. You know the routine as far as how athletes are supposed to respond when accused of cheating and breaking the law… if not see Wes Welker and his girlfriend “Molly.” 

My issue is this: Regardless of innocence should he play today? My gut says no. Jim Harbaugh’s immediate reaction was that of no tolerance. He said “You ask me how I feel about domestic violence. I can be very clear about that. If someone physically abuses a woman and/or physically or mentally abuses or hurts a child, then there’s no understanding.” Harbaugh even went as far as to say that player would no longer be a part of the organization. 

Now Harbaugh is back tracking and allowing McDonald to play and the legal process to take its course. My question is should he be allowed to play after taking such a stance? I really don’t think so and I don’t think you owe it to some “legal process” to decide. The bottom line is if you are standing against domestic violence, and one of your employees is accused of it, you should remove that person from the organization on some professional leave until all of the facts are found and the proper conclusion may be drawn. It kills me to say this as a 49ers fan, but this is just one more black eye to an organization that has done nothing but win on the field and lose in the PR department. 

So… Should he play?


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