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Week 13 NFL Picks

Maybe one of these ladies will run the ball for the Vikings

Maybe one of these ladies will run the ball for the Vikings

3-3 again… will the mediocrity ever stop? (Probably not)

Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay (Bengals -3.5): Everything about this pick feels like a trap but the Bucs are terrible.

Arizona @ Atlanta (Cardinals -2.5): Atlanta plays much better at home and I don’t love Drew Stanton at QB but I still think the Cardinals can pull out the win.

Carolina @ Minnesota (Vikings -2.5): I don’t know who the hell is going to run the ball for the Vikings but either way I’ll take them at home.

Cleveland @ Buffalo (Bills -3.5): I’ll take the Bills at home and hope Joe Haden doesn’t shut down Sammy Watkins.

Denver @ Kansas City (Broncos -1.5): Broncos haven’t looked great lately, Chiefs just lost to the Raiders after 5 straight wins. I’m taking Peyton over Alex Smith.

New England @ Green Bay (Patriots +3.5): Green Bay should be favored at home and both teams are playing well. That being said I’m riding the Tom Brady last call train as long as possible, especially if you’re giving him points.

NFL: A principle in stupidity

Marshawn Lynch

I am currently learning that I understand less and less when it comes to the world of professional sports. The NFL continues to blow my mind to the point that I’m genuinely losing interest in following the league altogether. Probably has a little to do with the fact that the 49ers are mediocre and my fantasy teams are causing what little hair I have left to fall out. But fining Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for not speaking to the media makes about as much sense to me as calling smaller sized bags of candy “Fun Sized” (less candy is never fun), or justifying something awful by saying “It is what it is” (redundancy be damned I use it too.)

Below is a list of a few fines this season:

Lions center Dominic Raiola fined $10,000 for a cut block against the Patriots (although not fined for almost tearing a dude’s ACL on the last play of the game.)

Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict fined $25,000 for trying to “Hulk Rip” Cam Newton and Greg Olsen’s ankles off. (See my rant here )

Tampa Bay fullback Javorskie Lane fined $58,000 for violating PED policy.

There are numerous other Late Hit fines (Usually between $8,000- $16,000), Football into stands ($11,000ish… expensive football), and a number of other financial punishments for players in the league.

I don’t get Lynch’s fine at all. Please… somebody, justify this for me. I’m begging you to provide me a valid argument as to why this action is warranted. Lynch doesn’t like talking to the media so why would anybody press this issue? Lynch gets fined $100,000 for not speaking to reporters but Bill Belichik can be a dick to reporters and give three word answers over and over again and not be punished? (That I know of). I’m pretty sure people who sell meth get away with less of a financial slam than this. I can’t handle the thought of this anymore, I’m going to eat 72 “fun sized” bags of M&Ms.

Week 12 NFL Picks


Alright back to back .500 weeks, need to get back in the positive:

Detroit @ New England (Patriots -7.5): Eventually the line will get too big and this could be the game but I refuse to go against the Patriots right now.

Dallas @ New York (Cowboys -3.5): Don’t love the Cowboys away from home but just give the ball to Murray and they should be fine.

Arizona @ Seattle (Cardinals +6.5): I mean I get 12th man but really a touchdown underdog for the best team in the NFC?

St. Louis @ San Diego (Chargers -4.5): Chargers are struggling against the spread this season but I’m taking a leap and thinking Big Game/Next Game let down for the Rams.

Cincinnati @ Houston (Bengals +1.5): I get the line and don’t get the inconsistency of the Bengals but I’m going to show a little faith in Dalton.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago (Bears -5.5): The Bears aren’t great but the Bucs are worse.

Week 11 NFL Picks

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

Still positive after going .500 last week (31-29 overall) so lets attempt to keep it going. I don’t love a lot of these spreads and will be less than shocked if I don’t “Hank” this week.

Houston @ Cleveland (Browns -3): I can’t believe I’m still picking the Browns either.

Denver @ St. Louis (Broncos -10): The Rams just don’t have the fire power to keep up with Manning.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay (Packers -6): I don’t love this line but Aaron Rodgers has only lost like 3 games at home ever. I’ll take the Packers after they demolished Chicago.

Minnesota @ Chicago (Bears -3.5): The Bears defense is absolutely terrible but I think a shootout still favors Cutler and Marshall.

Detroit @ Arizona (Lions +1): I don’t trust Drew Stanton even if he has a stellar defense to protect him.

New England @ Indianapolis (Patriots +3): In my General Ackbar “It’s a trap” pick I’m taking the Pats here. Because of my lack of football knowledge I fail to comprehend how a team that has Tom Brady at Quarterback with a 5 game win streak, who have scored over 40 points in their last two games can be an underdog even on the road.

You’re Jealous of Derrick Rose

derrick rose

Chicago Bulls “made of glass” point guard Derrick Rose is being heavily criticized by fans and the media for his statements a couple days ago regarding comments he made conserving himself for the future. In case you missed it:

“I’m thinking about long term. I’m thinking about after I’m done with basketball. Having graduations to go to, having meetings to go to, I don’t want to be in my meetings all sore or be at my son’s graduation all sore just because of something I did in the past. [I’m] just learning and being smart.”

Admittedly this is probably something better thought than shared publicly but Rose’s self assessment is not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. Yes he does have a 95 million dollar contract and yes he did choose to play a sport for a living. However the fact that an athlete whose career has been defined more by sidelining injuries and potential than points on the floor I don’t blame him for thinking that way.

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has been criticized over the past few years for resting perfectly healthy players but still continues to use this strategy to preserve his stars. His justification is obvious, he has older players who can’t sustain the 82 game NBA schedule so he rests them to give his team the best chance to win. Derrick Rose knows his best chance to continue playing this game and also live a life in the future that doesn’t involve a ton of surgery and pain is to monitor his body and attempt to reduce future issues.

The bottom line is, this isn’t Derrick Rose’s fault. Most people who are criticizing Derrick Rose which they could be in his shoes. The NBA and professional sports are a business first and foremost. It is an environment that has allowed for this situation to occur but will do nothing to curtail it because players will continue to be paid millions of dollars to play a game. Don’t be mad at Derrick Rose for being selfish, be mad at genetics or your inability to hit a 12 foot jump shot.

Week 10 NFL Picks


5-1 Last week puts us at 28-26 this year against the spread. Little bit of a confidence boost going into this week’s picks, however there are a lot of games where teams are favored by more than a touchdown so anything could happen this week.

Pittsburgh @ New York (Steelers -4): Big Ben probably isn’t going to put up 6 touchdowns again but the Steelers are hot and the Jets are terrible.

San Francisco @ New Orleans (Saints -5.5): I hate everything about this pick including picking against my Niners but I just don’t feel good about this team this year.

Miami @ Detroit (Dolphins +3.5). Lamar Miller is on fire this season and Ryan Tannehill is managing the quarterback position extremely well. This team reminds me a lot of the Chiefs and speaking of…

Kansas City @ Buffalo (Chiefs -2.5): This is a tough road game for Kansas City but I think they can pull out a big road win at Buffalo.

Green Bay @ Chicago (Packers -7): The Packers are something like 9-1 against Cutler and these teams are going in different directions. Parlay this with Brandon Marshall going insane on the sideline at some point.

Carolina @ Philadelphia: (Eagles -6.5): The Eagles are 4-0 at home this year and I just don’t think there is any way Carolina can keep up with their offense.

Week 9 NFL Picks


Meh 3-3 last week but a couple of fun match ups this week:

Philadelphia @ Houston (Eagles -2.5): Is J.J. Watt an offensive player in any fantasy leagues yet?

Arizona @ Dallas (Cardinals +4.5): Tony Romo has back issues and this feels like a good time for Dez Bryant to have his annual freak out on the sideline.

Jacksonville @ Cincinnati (Jaguars +11.5): Bernard is out, Green is questionable… maybe Bortles won’t piss this game away and keep it close.

Denver @ New England (Broncos -3.5): Brady vs Manning, Brady has all of the advantages this game but I still like Peyton.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (Steelers +1.5): I don’t expect Big Ben to throw 17 touchdowns again but I think the Steelers are better especially at home.

Indianapolis @ New York (Colts -3.5): I want to believe Luck can avoid back to back losses but honestly I just hate the Giants.

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