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Week 7 NFL Picks

By Jeffrey Beall

By Jeffrey Beall

Back to .500 lets take a look at this week’s games:

Seattle @ St.Louis (Seahawks -6.5): I have a feeling somebody will be quite angry coming off of a loss last week. Perfect opportunity for Richard Sherman to yell about something.

Arizona @ Oakland: (Cardinals -3.5): Is Billy Beane available for football?

Kansas City @ San Diego: (Chargers -4): If only Keenan Allen would be nearly as successful in fantasy as his team has been on the field.

Minnesota @ Buffalo: (Bills -5): The Bills D-line is ridiculously good this year.

New York @ Dallas (Giants +6.5): I don’t trust the Cowboys yet.

Houston @ Pittsburgh (Steelers -3): The model of inconsistency I still want to believe in the Steelers at home on MNF.

Vontaze Burfict is a Dirty Punk


In case you hadn’t heard, Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict was the subject of criticism this past weekend after his game against the Panthers. As if a game ending in a tie isn’t awful enough, you have this joke of a player on the field giving football players a bad name.

On two separate occasions Burfict was caught twisting Cam Newton and Greg Olsen’s ankles at the tail end of a tackle. Burfict’s tackle on Greg Olsen happened as Olsen fell into the end zone for a touchdown.

Fox Sports NFL

Fox Sports NFL

This guy should be suspended multiple games if not for the rest of the season as this is clear evidence of intentionally trying to hurt a player. Burfict is tied for the team league in penalties this season having only played one full game and led the Bengals last year in penalties that included eight personal foul penalties.

Look I get that it is a violent game and personally have issues with all of the penalties that are called and the hypocrisy of the game. This is different, this is a coward that can’t get the job done on the field when he is supposed to so he is taking cheap, dirty shots that can impact a player’s career.  There are probably other players that do this and haven’t been publicized, well here is the opportunity to send a message. Suspend him for at least 3 games and fine the hell out of him. There is no place in the game for this type of antics.

Todd Gurley Did Nothing Wrong

By Thomson200 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Thomson200 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia running back Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely because he received money for signing merchandise. This isn’t the first time a player has been in the news over the past couple years for receiving money for signing autographs (See: Johnny Manziel). Manziel was subsequently suspended one half of the first game of the season last year. They even had video footage of Manziel performing the acts.

Gurley is on track to be nominated and possibly (probably) win the Heisman Trophy this year. I’m not saying his elite status within the college football realm entitles him to break the rules, it is stupid rule that somebody needs to fight to amend or remove from the bylaws. Don’t tell me you can’t change rules in the middle of a season either (See NFL Domestic Violence Policy). If Gurley receives any more of a punishment than Manziel then it is an absolute shame. Currently Georgia University suspended Gurley (the institution that will receives thousands from selling #3 jerseys), probably to follow protocol on handling NCAA violations (the other institution that receives millions from college athletes). The investigation will continue and it sounds like Gurley could be out 2 games. It is ridiculous.

The real crime is how little may have been paid for the autographs and the business owner/store that sells these items will go unpunished. Hopefully the right to sell your own autograph will be a rule that is looked into and ultimately changed because it is a shame to see this asinine rule (one of thousands from the NCAA) mess with a student’s college career.

Week 6 NFL Picks

By Jeffrey Beall

By Jeffrey Beall

Coming off a 5-1 week lets see if the success can continue:

Denver @ New York Jets (Broncos -9.5): Jets don’t have a consistent quarterback anymore and the offense most likely to pick apart a decent Jets defense is Denver.

Washington @ Arizona (Cardinals -3.5): Washington coming off short week and big game against Seattle and have to travel across the country… not favorable.

Chicago @ Atlanta (Falcons -3.5): I’m going to keep riding the Falcons at home because both of these teams are as inconsistent as it gets.

Baltimore @ Tampa Bay (Ravens -3.5): I’m starting to not like these three and a half point spreads

San Francisco @ St. Louis (49ers -3.5): I’ve learned nothing.

San Diego @ Oakland (Chargers -7.5): Because why the hell not Oakland is awful.

Weekend Sports Preview

By Keith Allison (Flickr)

By Keith Allison (Flickr)

I have had a rough past few sports weekend. The Orioles have really been my only saving grace as Liverpool, Virginia Tech, and the 49ers have been inconsistent to poor in their past few performances leaving me to begin my work weeks with even more animosity and rage than usual. So here’s what I’m looking forward to:


West Bromwich @ Liverpool: Liverpool are struggling lately. Settling for a point last weekend against Merseyside rival Everton, losing to Basel Wednesday in Champions League and with only 6 points this season, the Reds need 3 points from this matchup.

Virginia Tech @ UNC: Dear Brewer… please don’t throw more than one interception. The fall from the excitement peak that was the Ohio St. game has been long and rough. I want to believe the Hokies can challenge for the ACC although I know they’re far from it.

Tons of other ranked matchups including a handful of SEC matchups that should make for great television and solidify how bad I am at College Pick Em.


Orioles @ Tigers: Up 2-0 after a huge comeback in game two the O’s are yet again pulling me through my other teams’ mediocre performances

Kansas City @ San Francisco: Big matchup as the Chiefs are coming off of mollywhopping New England all over the field. Alex Smith returns and I’ve never been more excited for him to throw interceptions.

More football and baseball postseason games and quality EPL matchups as well.

What are you excited for this weekend?

Week 5 NFL Picks

By Navin75

By Navin75

I’m starting a trend in my football picks. It started last year in a college bowl pickem I do with a group of buddies and is rolling into this season’s college pick em’s each week as well as my NFL picks. Of my 5 incorrect picks last week 4 of them were laughably wrong where teams seam to be outscored by 3 or more touchdowns. I guess the motto is if I’m gonna fail… go down in a blaze of incompetent glory:

Thursday Night: Minnesota @ Green Bay (Packers-7.5). Relax right?

Cleveland @ Tennesse (Browns +2.5): I feel like I’ve set the Titans up to now win this game by 50.

Atlanta @ New York Giants (Giants -3.5): I mean the definition of inconsistency game. If this pick backfires my fantasy team wins by a landslide.

Arizona @ Denver (Broncos -7.5): At some point Peyton will cover the spread right?

New York Jets @ San Diego (Chargers -6): I wish I cared more about this game

Cincinatti @ New England (Bengals -1.5): I swear this game actually had New England favored at the beginning of the week. I’m taking the Bengals. I texted a buddy of mine the line early in the week and told him I wanted to bet my house that I don’t even own on it. His one word response: Ackbar (Star Wars reference for the fact that this is a trap and it will be fixed). I refuse to believe it.

It's a Trap!

It’s a Trap!

Football is Too Long

By Latics

By Latics

I realize I will probably be in the minority with this opinion but as I sit here and watch the end of a game that kicked off 3 hours and 22 minutes ago, I can’t take it anymore…. this sport takes too long.

I love football I really do, I watch every Saturday and Sunday and usually pick up some of the games on Monday and Thursday. An NFL or college football game has 15 minute quarters which equates to an hour of game time yet takes an average of two hours to complete! It is insane how often the clock stops in this game. Soccer games are 90 minutes in game time and between a 15 minute halftime usually take around two hours to complete. There is no reason a sport with a clock that is 30 minutes shorter in game length should take an extra 60-80 minutes on average to complete.

You don’t have to reduce the amount of football on television (nor do I think you ever will). Just reduce how frequently the game clock stops. Stop having so many commercial time outs and only let the clock stop inside maybe the last 5 minutes of each quarter. Might reduce the amount of hits given or received and maybe even reduce injuries.

Again I realize this will fall on deaf (or no) ears but please, please, reduce the length of these games.

Reasons The NFL Is Not Fun Anymore

"Roger Goodell Afghanistan (crop)" by derivative work: Kelly

“Roger Goodell Afghanistan (crop)” by derivative work: Kelly

Watching, talking about, or listening to the NFL is not fun anymore. I never thought I would say this about a sport but I am legitimately worn out with the National Football League after the past 4 weeks. Here are my reasons why:

A) The League has a black eye that won’t heal. Adrian Peterson beat his kid, Rice KO’d his wife, two players are currently still playing who have been arrested for domestic assault charges. Before that it was Donte Stallworth being charged with DUI Manslaughter. That’s right, a guy in the NFL killed somebody and you want to be pissed because a kid got spanked too hard. Be angry but try not to have short term memory anymore about who the NFL lets into their league. (He was suspended a year and then reinstated…. only served 30 days in jail so I’m not sure why the public is surprised that Ray Rice isn’t in jail.) There will always be idiots in the league doing dumb stuff and the media will focus on it.

B) The NFL is talked about too much. Once the season has ended we get to spend 4 months hearing about the NFL draft. It is a league where there are only 16 games and I have to hear about it for 10 months out of the year.

C) The Super Bowl champion doesn’t feel like the best team. I hate the way the NFL playoffs work. You play 16 regular season games including your division opponents twice. So you realistically play 13 different teams out of 32. Then you could possibly see those same opponents in the playoffs until you reach the Super Bowl. So realistically you could become champion of a league where you play less than 45% of the opponents. (Yes college football is worse, shut up I don’t care about that right now.)

D) This one is where I’m throwing logic out the window a bit but bear with me. The hypocrisy of the rules baffles me. I saw a Ravens defensive player flagged for a personal foul, roughing the passer penalty for tackling Ben Roethlisberger. He was flagged supposedly for lowering the crown of his helmet into his chest as he successfully wrapped him up and brought him to the ground. In the same game a player was launched off of his feet as he was blindsided on a kick off return while he pursued the returner and there was no flag because as the rules are written, no foul was committed. This is asinine. Either let the sport be violent or get flags. Grabbing a guy’s jersey is a penalty, flipping a runner who has jumped and spearing him out of the air is not.

I’m a 49ers fan and I’ve had a lot to cheer about in my team’s success. But I’m finding now that on my long commute to work I am actually dreading how much garbage I’m going to have to listen to on any Sports Radio broadcast regarding moronic players, bad officiating, a stupid commissioner who seems to have no checks on his power, and mediocre teams being mediocre. The only thing I’m enjoying so far in this season is that I started 1-0 in my fantasy leagues but I’m currently being mollywhopped in both leagues this week. Dear NFL… please stop sucking. Hugs and Kisses. Loope.

Week 2 NFL Picks

By SteelCityHobbies

By SteelCityHobbies

4-2 to start the season. Surprises and disappointments from Week 1, lets see who can rebound who might continue the slide:

Thursday Night Game: Pittsburgh @ Baltimore: Steelers come into Baltimore and just make things worse for Ravens Nation (Steelers -2.5)

New Orleans @ Cleveland: I like the Saints to rebound from their loss in Atlanta. More offense and better defense (Saints -6.5)

Indianapolis @ Philadelphia: I don’t believe in Nick Foles, and I’m going to ride Andrew Luck for another week. (Colts -3)

Tampa Bay @ St. Louis: St. Louis is going to struggle this year. I don’t love this pick with St. Louis being at home but taking a chance (Bucs -5.5)

Upset of the Week: Arizona @ New York: The Giants are not good, but West Coast team having the 1:00 kickoff on the East Coast on short preparation… I’ll take the G-Men (Giants +3.5)

Tennassee @ Dallas: Two Words: Tony Romo (Titans -3.5)

Ray Rice and Floyd Mayweather BFF’s


Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Mr. “Beats by Ray” Rice are BFF’s. Big F%$!ing Fools. Don’t worry Ray… you are going through what could end up being the worst time of your life. Your public image is tarnished and ruined, your reputation stained, and your employment status questionable at best. If only somebody would stand up for you and maybe say that its all going to be alright. 

Whats that?? Can it be? Your knight in shining, bruised knuckled armor is here! Coming to the rescue and defending the now “Floyd Mayweather of elevator dewomanizing” is Mr. Floyd Mayweather himself. Mayweather who is 37-0 in the ring, and 0-1 in the courtroom over a domestic violence case. If you don’t know Mayweather spent two months in a Las Vegas Jail for pleading guilty (still claiming innocence) for domestic violence. He could have faced 34 years for the felony counts. 

Mayweather stated that Rice’s two game ban by the NFL shouldn’t have been changed because of the video. “I think there’s a lot worse things that go on in other people’s households, also,” Mayweather said. “It’s just not caught on video, if that’s safe to say.”

The fallacies involved in the statements above that try to justify his argument make my head hurt I honest to god feel like I was just punched in the head (charges will be pending for stupidity Mayweather). A) We aren’t talking about other peoples’ households we are talking about Mr. Rice. and B) This was caught on video. 

The NFL should have done a better job with their initial investigation, although you’ll never convince me they didn’t see the tape. How they have handled this situation is poor but the consequences are not. Rice should be gone and never heard from again for his actions. I just hope that the sport fans’ short term memory lasts a little longer with him than Mayweather seeing as how he is now fighting on pay-per-view, set to make millions. 

So Ray… don’t worry. Your BFF Floyd is with you. The fact that your left hook is both your best and worst attribute as a human make me sick. 

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