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Geno Auriemma Is The Worst!

By Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

By Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Oh wait no he’s not. He’s a human being that reached out to Mo’ne Davis to congratulate her on her success in the Little League World Series. Subsequently some coward of a coach that has yet to be revealed turned Auriemma in to the NCAA for a secondary rules violation. 

Auriemma reached out to congratulate Davis on her team’s performance in the LLWS in a 2 minute phone conversation. Davis was quoted numerous times by ESPN stating that her goal was to play basketball at the University of Connecticut. So it might be safe to assume that a 13 year old girl might view Auriemma as a role model more than anything and probably somebody she has idolized some time. I can only imagine how exciting and meaningful it was to Davis to have Auriemma call to congratulate her on her success. If Coach K called me to congratulate me on not falling off my stationary bike, I would probably scream like a 13 year old girl. 

However some idiot coach reported Auriemma to the NCAA for contacting Davis. Well that person deserves a good throat punch for jackassary (yep made up the word). The NCAA deserves a kick to the crotch. 

A) If you think that is why Auriemma is ahead of you in the coaching game… don’t worry you won’t be a coach long enough for Davis to play at UCONN and beat you. You should probably focus on making your program better so maybe young girls can aspire to play for you… you mediocre twit. 

B) If you are or work for the NCAA and have anything at all to do with this and can actually justify any type of punishment or scolding for this… please find the earliest plane to Crimea… your presence as a shield is requested there. 

Am I the only person that thinks this is the most asinine thing in the world? 

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